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Tarot Astrology Answers to QZ 8501 airAsia Crash mystery

A Tarot-Astrology based attempt to piece together QZ 8501 Air Asia air crash puzzle

This article was motivated by not merely by another air crash but more by mystery of mh270 for which our Tarot astrology based analysis showed in many ways that passengers were mostly alive when the plane landed and it did land in captive state and did not crash. This analysis is strengthened by perhaps the singularly unique case in civil aviation history where missing plane and passengers remain untraced without a clue.

This article was also motivated by the possibility that some passengers may have survived. Does astrology /tarot indicate this? Was there a conspiracy angle and not just a weather driven event or pilot or control room error?

We have put together a number of questions and their Tarot based 1 card answer with some astrology based guidance for key questions.

The only astrology based approach besides flight time based horoscope is prashna astrology. Flight time early around 6.30 am on dec 28 am horoscope shows flight destined for accident as double indicator Venus of 6 and 11 lords situated in ascendant Sagittarius with sun mercury aspected by retrograde Jupiter. Prashna based astrology along with this flight time origin based horoscope suggests accident, possibility of conspiracy due to lord of eight and running dasha of Jupiter mars sun venus on dec 28.prashna based astrology along with flight time based chart indicates possibility of some people (how many??) being alive and conscious when plane hit water.Along with tarot based analysis suggests rough landing possibility planed may have turned turtle in air few times landing in zero visibility. Pilot and air Asia owners’ horoscope not available for analysis

Our earlier knight of pentacles card tweeted in response to question “Cause of Error” points to pilot forced to take undue risk.
But we are ready to add there may be another explanation.

To get some measure of reliability and some key answers we posed a number of questions to Tarot to screen/sniff out/ rule out contradictions among various answers. Feel free to interpret each card using your own intuition

1.    Was there some kind of conspiracy behind QZ8501-Card of High Priestess?

This suggests a mystery angle which Time may reveal in due course.

2.    Was Chinese blogger who predicted air crash of air Asia in December a fake or genuine? 9W inverted.

This suggests blogger may have unusual genuine private information and was not a post crash predictions

3.    Were some or all passengers alive and conscious when plane hit water? 8 of swords inverted.
Strangely this card has appeared often in mh370 investigation and here too few times. This suggests plane landed blindly possibly turned turtle

4.    Did plane fall into water from air or made a rough landing? Judgment card.
The plane may have made a rough landing.

5.    What was if any pilot error in entire episode? Temperate inverted

The pilot made an error climbing steeply. Should have turned back. Notice 2 cards judgment and this one with wings trying to tell us something significant

6.    Why didn’t pilot send distress signal? (Very important) 3 cards drawn 8 of cups, King Cups inverted 2 of pentacles.

The pilot though experienced may have undergone unusual emotions of have made a wrong error being in a helpless situation, after a possibly unhelpful control room support delay, have too much on hand.

7.    Did anyone escape or attempt to escape six of swords inverted. This question repeated next day showed sequence of  six- lovers, wands and cups
       Some people have tried to escape using raft etc. This card appeared again for related question upright

8.    ,9 questions asked but will be posted after reconfirmation here –did plane go down due to weather, pilot error, suicidal attack, remote controlled, sabotage, and agenda behind may be answered later though first two questions are significantly answered

10, 11 where is plane, blackbox and when will it be found if at all? Cards to be re-drawn later

Wad there a hierarchy of ‘causes’ at work with one driving another. The financial angle that is being speculated if at all true may not be at the top or bottom of this hierarchy. We have no answers.

These questions may be revisited after a week or ten days though not necessarily posted

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