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So you think you can Sing? Astrology of Singing(Revised)

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Is there a simple quick astrology based test to check/predict if a person can sing reasonably well? “How reasonably well” is another matter and sometimes answers may be easy often complex but this article attempts the first part

I promised to write on “Can you sing -An Astrology based test approach. We take a practical and testable approach and it will be useful provided you have some interest in astrology or willing to check out.

This article hopefully will prove  to be a very small step to disprove the the cynics of astrology

In part  B of this post we apply these principles  to briefly discuss possibility of Rewinding and Playback of India’s great musical years of 50s-70s in the coming years

Do this exercise-To test if a person can sing or not.  And his/her fan following will provide the test if astro guidance has been helpful or not.

It’s of little use to discuss any popular singer’s horoscope to “prove” if he/she can sing. Hence we take this approach -Do this test on any person who can reliably be labeled as  a “singer” or ‘non singer”.

We have outlined the following steps or process to help you determine if you or anyone for that matter can sing reasonably well without dispersing a congregation of friends and strangers.

Testing Singing Ability

Use this summarized table after reading the article below for better understanding

Signs for Good Singers
Signs for Non Singers
2nd lord exalted  or placed in 2nd house or aspecting 2nd house.2nd house /2nd lord must be Venus Jupiter Moon related or aspected by one or more of these.
No beneficial planets or aspect of 2nd house lord or Jupiter or Venus on 2nd house
Saturn aspects ascendant lord or house(Disciplined voice)
Ketu in 2nd house
If Venus or Jupiter or Moon own the 2nd house
2nd lord in 12 especially if not  Libra or  Taurus
If these signs are also found in  Navamsa chart(which requires more accurate birth time  data)
These above signs also present in Navamsa
Venus,Jupiter,Moon,possibly Mercury  & 2nd lord /house connect with each other in different ways (Aspects,conjunction)

Mars role as lord of energy needs investigation and may be important for flute sarod jazz players

Download a Indian astrology  software like   Jaganathhora available for windows/Macs but not available android or iOS.For android and ioS Kundli app will be fune.Online horoscope creator on is also very good. You must have persons accurate birth time,place of birth and year/date  of  birth to get started.

Look at  Birth chart and ninth harmonic chart(called navamsa or ninth division) These will be sufficient in most cases. Navamsa chart to be reliable requires greater accuracy in birth time.If in doubt look at main birth chart only.

1.    Jupiter is the main planet of singing as also significator of many other things.Its placement in main chart is very important

2.    Try to locate ascendant or lagna in charts. That is the first house. and moving clockwise  are 12 houses in increasing numerical order covering  twelve zodiac signs.for example in India’s horoscope posted below Taurus is first house with Rahu located there in. Gemini is 2nd house . and so on

3.    Second most important planet is lord of 2nd house- this house is lord of speech arts  and lot more but we are focusing on singing.In India’s case Mercury is lord of 2nd  placed in 3rd house

4.    Jupiter has aspects  on 1st house(where it is placed and 5th and 9 houses. Besides the opposite/aspect which  is true of all planets) That means it affects houses 1,5,9 and any planets located there in. besides the house /planets opposite it. Taking Indian horoscope example Jupiter placed in 6th house of  Libra aspectsAquarius(5) house and Gemini(9th house) apart from usual 1 and 7th houses(Libra,Aries) that is common for all planets

5.    Do the same exerise for navamsa chart .If complicated confine the test to main birth chart

6.    For a person to have reasonably singing ability Jupiter is either located in 2nd house from ascendant or aspects the 2nd house in charts.If this aspect of location is found in both charts, its power is increased and singing potential must be higher.

7.    If Jupiter additionally aspects or connects with lord of 2nd house (e.g. Mars is owner of Aries and Scorpio signs, Venus owns Taurus and  Libra and so on) this is another sign of singing potential.In india’s horoscope Jupiter aspects 2nd house explaining why India’s has had world famous singers(This is also largely due to 2nd  lords with Moon Saurn  in Cancer)

8.    Some zodiac signs as 2nd house and some planets are lord of 2nd house may be adding power. Venus Moon Jupiter Mercury as lord of 2nd house will enrich voice or singing capability as will  Libra. If they are located in 2nd house that would enhance singing potential.

9.    Howver interplay among houses not part of this post can explain varied qualities of voice and even why some singers confine or are famous for particular category of singing. M Jackson for pop music,Pakistani singers famous for ghazals,some for deveptional music etc

10.                       Saturn aspecting 1st house and/or first lord(e.g Taurus,Venus  in given chart) may be very important in raising quality and perfection of singers’ technical competence as Saturn rules Discipline. Its aspects on 2nd house/lord however and  role of 12th lord(house of renunciation) needs study

11.                       Planets can be exalted or debilitated.All planets have houses of exaltations.In chart if 2nd lord is exalted or placed in own house,expect as a rule of thumb a  person of higher singing potential.

12.                       Sometimes planets are retrograde- as if moving in opposite direction-often marked in charts as (R) or Retro or Retrograde.As a rule of thumb that planet shud be then treated as being in both houses with weak effects.Thus if  Jupiter was retrograde in Libra house it should be treated as being in both Libra and Virgo the preceding house and analysis should proceed as outlined above

13.                        What are spoilers? In Vedic astrology two shadowy planets are used Rahu and Kato and they will be in all horoscopes-always placed opposite each other. Two conclusions must be tested. Presence of  Ketu in 2nd house must be definite spoiler in some way hindering some aspect of singing potential.
If other “singing signs” are encouraging then presence of Rahu in 2nd house  or  conjunct with lord of 2nd house could impart a strange unconventional quality to voice.(we need to test horoscope of Usha Uthup,RD Burman etc) .

We have not been able to astrologically differentiate between Good Voice horoscope and  Good Singers horoscope and Good Voice+Good Singer horoscope conditions but above test should lead to netting a potentially good singer

 it is difficult to add this up to provide an index of singing potential but is good enough to get  started with practical tests

  We have not covered why some singers and songs become famous while other singers last briefly.     Among the many causes would be  singer/person may not favorable astro-periods but that is beyond our scope.

Exercise  Find  a great popular singer with malefics like  Ketu/Rahu in 2nd house.2nd house is not Cancer or  Libra or or Taurus  or owned by Jupiter. No Jupiter or  Moon or Venus in  2nd house. This may be impossible.Good Luck

Part B:

This section may be useful for those with some understanding of astrology and knowledge of Indian music

India’s chart explains why Indian music appeals to soul and is poplular the world over even where language is not understood. Notice 2nd lord mercury and Venus of ascendant with Sun Saturn in 3rd sensitive house of Cancer.Jupiter located in sign of Venus(Libra) aspects 2nd house.Saturn connects with 2nd lord. all making  of a Nation of varied musical industry

India birth chart of 1947 is well known. It suddenly dawned on me that India’s glorious years of unforgettable songs by thousands from 47 to late 70s and early 80s suddenly gave way to songs that cannot be explained except by astrological analysis. India saw Saturn period end in mid 60s and Mercury  period last 16 years till 1981.Ketu period lasted 7years till 1988 followed by Venus period of 20 years till 2008 and  Sun period end 2015.

In Indian Horoscope Mercury lord of 2nd house  with Venus Sun Saturn is located in 3rd sensitive/emotional  house of cancer.

Huge output of immortal mostly melancholy songs till 60s can be explained by ongoing period of Saturn conjunct with moon in sensitive sign of Cancer. Is that a coincidence? Era of mid 60s saw a big churn of  immortal songs. From mid 60s to early 80s was Mercury era lord of 2nd house.This era produced great popular songs but were distinct in their content & message and even speed B.oth Mercury and Saturn seems to show their personality- in the  songs. Songs of 80s which was era of Ketu in India’s 7th house are best forgotten even though most geniuses of old era were alive and active. 80s also saw demise of two greatest male singers in quick succession

Venus and  Sun period have seen revival in quality/content and popularity of songs compared to 80s but way below that era of  50s 60s 70s.

Start of  Moon period from 2015 ending  2025 we predict is likely to see marked upswing in quality and popularity of songs. Perhaps approaching the same issue from dominant population type (old vs. mature vs. very young population) could also provide answers

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