Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lok Sabha Elections 2014-state level prediction series-Tamil Nadu

We tried to predict fate of 39 lok sabha parliamentary seats in tamil nadu using Tarot card prediction model which involved many layers of questions to determine seats and performance of various parties

The results are contrary to opinion polls of most TV-media channels

We tested fate of AIADMK&allies in range of 8 to 35 seats with interval of 3 seats. for all others range was 0-27

AIADMK card strongly indicate 12-15 seats and 20-23 seats and additional cards indicate less than 21 seats with greater likelihood of 16 seats

BJP and allies may get 12 seats

DMK and Congress are taken together though not allies any more.Both taken together will get max 11 seats split as 10,1 or 8,3 in favour of DMK.It is possible they may get even less seats

Later posts will apear on our wordpress site also www.WorldofPredictions.in

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fate of Flight MH 370 by Tarot Cards #FB

Photo from Twitter account of Pani puri @Cric_Babu

In an earlier article and several tweets from World of Predictions @sujatKamal The Great plane Robbery based on Astrology and known facts we have pointed to deliberate sabotage of communication system and "Robbery" ofthe plane MH 370

Visiting many Questions through Tarot cards ''reconfirms" the sabotage manipulation hypothesis and possibility of many being hostage

likely country where Plane may have landed Burma Thailand Vietnam-those who associated with political strife In recent years

We should expect Clear information on MH 370 in next eleven days or as early as  next week

More readings may follow

Friday, March 14, 2014

Flight MHS 370 the Great Plane Robbery #FB

photo credit: Time. com
Yesterday tweeted based on Horary Astrology that missing Malaysian Air plane 370 could have received great " "damage to Communications equipments Frontal section as prime causeofMHS 370 mystery

today's ToI report of Stanford student's theory goes onsamelines

facts of MHS 370 merit a probe into a new theory. (1) 20+ Electronics Engineers Aboard 2) Confirmed Fraud and suspicious activities (3) Flight paths divergence (4) cutting of all communications to track plane (5) Confusion of ringing phones of passengers

This could be a big coincidence  f MHS 370 is missing due to Natural technical causes

Great plane Robbery as a new chapter In Terrorism needs probe due to above facts. If Terrorists plan to take over plane using well equipped laptops / devices they unlike firearms based terror Could never be detected. Is that Technically feasible esp if a crew is Involved?
If plane is hijacked electronically this could be failed or successful mission and in future usable as "Input" for 911 type attacks. (even though with a large plane it wont be easy to Caputure hide and re launch)
A Plane hijacked in this manner is unlikely to show up as Ransom or terror demand. 
So did the Great plane Robbery go horribly wrong or horribly Right?

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

State Elections 2013 Predictions

Last night we tweeted @ Sujatkamal our final predictions for Four states Rajasthan Madhya Pradesh Delhi Chhattisgarh.

On this blog and parallel blog You Can find State Level predictions based on Tarot and Astrology

Final seat predictions

Delhi-BJP 30-31,AAP 21-23

Rajasthan BJP 96

Madhya Pradesh BJP 130

Chhattisgarh BJP 47-48

Friday, November 22, 2013

will BJP & CM shiv Raj Chouhan get 3rd Term in Madhya Pradesh 2013

All Opinion Polls predicting huge and improved win and seat tally for BJP in Madhya Pradesh after 25 November polling results declared on December 8th

while due to hand injury detailed seat predictions cannot be done at this time our Tarot based predictions show that BJP will get fewer seats than 2008 and 30% probability of both Congress and BJP neck to neck

 1 Our Tarot Predictions show that with 70% likelihood BJP will get about 130 seats while Congress will get about 85-90

2. Second less likely outcome is about 110 seats for BJP but still in - No 1 position

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Part 2 will Indian Mars Mission succeed? by Tarot

In Part 1 based on astrology we predicted failed Mission to Mars with communication being Key cause

Tarot based prediction also shows similar outcome though no time of occurrence of problem Could be found

Tarot Indicates number of glitches but difficulty In controlling flight path orbit could be critical and result ln loss of orbiter Mangalyan

when where will #Bangalore ATM attacker be caught?

In 2006 after ADOBE India son was kidnapped from NOIDA on way to school I tried using Tarot to predict where kidnappers might be hiding. Cards Interpreted by me Indicated religious place or temple. I believe they Were picked up from Mathura (a religious city of Hindus associated with Lord Krishna)

Yesterday a woman was attacked brutally Inside Bangalore ATM

We have used Tarot cards to predict where attacker might be

1 Tarot and Astrology seem to indicate he may still be in Bangalore ard will be Caught by Sunday or earlier

2. There might be a conspiracy angle not just theft

3. He may be In Western (most likely) area of Bangalore or Northern part

4. Nearest Landmark may be Bugle Rock or Cemetry In disuse of British times.  or a Red light area

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Will India's Mars Mission be Successful? An Astrology based Prediction part 1

Considering scientists from South are often religious and astrology faithfuls horoscope of launch of Mission Mars almost makes me believe scientists chose the best time astrologically
It reminds me of people trying to choose birth time of Children to produce great men or women. (this is not possible)

Launch Time and associated horoscope of Mission Mars would seem to suggest a good horoscope In many ways for Successful Mission.

However all things cannot be controlled. A closer look at Trimsamsa suggests strong possibility of unsuccessful mission

Very likely the Craft would run Into Communication snag and or face other Mishaps

In part 2 we will consider Tarot based prediction

Prediction'. Chhattisgarh Elections 2013 -will Dr Raman Singh get a Third Term?

We have carried out Election 2013 predictions for chhattisgarh using Tarot supported by Astrology. Keeping our own preference out of view.

Birth time of Dr Raman Singh (12 noon) unlikely to be correct but Moon on voting days favours BJP on Nov 11 but is less clear for Nov 19

Most opinion polls showing Over 50 seats in some case 6o seats to BJP

We asked many questions using Tarot Card
We also tested seat predictions for BJP Congress In range of 25-70 seats In interval of 5 Seats
BJP had only 2 positive Cards for range of 45-50 and 66-70

Whereas Congress had positive cards for less than 25 seats,40-45 seats 61- 65 seats

Further Questions revealed BJP having good but less than satisfactory performance. while Congress not doing not well relative to expectations

Based on still more questions we predict BJP to be about 48 while Congress could manage 40