Friday, April 18, 2014

The Special 3 Cards for Elections 2014 #FB

We have already predicted two broad outcomes for favourite alliance NDA/BJP for elections 2014.This is broadly in line with our prediction last year on this blog when opionion polls were predicting 180-190 seats for BJP.

As we continue as our prediction series-one of our major goals is to introduce Robust Predictions Model.This will mean not only doing state by state prediction for BJP/NDA and congress for most states to cross check which of the two options predicted is likely to be close to actual outcome but filtering our predictions through many checks to get a more reliable prediction for elections 2014

In past our success has been mixed-some very good and better than opinion polls others miserably wrong.We identified 2 reasons for the failures
1.Preference for a party prohibits unbiased interpretation of Cards which are nothing less than magical.)(Remind me to post about BJP related cards for delhi elections 2013)
2. Testing seat outcomes in limited range ( as an example while for TN,WB,Bihar MP state elections since 2012 our prediction was qualitatively correct, it was short of actual seats for winners and in Rajasthan we predicted less than majority for BJP in 2013).Reason was we assumed BJP or the predicted winners like AIADMK,TMC,BJP-JDU, will get maximum seats few seats in excess of marjoirty,we thus failed to test possibility of these parties getting much higher seats.

These two deficiencies adjusted for plus using number of filters like stock market behaviour after reesults will help us to make more reliable prediction for elections 2014

 3 Special cards drawn on outcome of elections 2014  indciate
a.Shocking exit for Congress and dramatic developments around results day of may 16
b.OR. please note this OR.BJP coming closer to lower level predicted may be denied access to power immediately leading to civil unrest,agitations,President type rule if possible.

possibility b is low as of now pending further tests using astrology and tarot which will follow in coming days

Election 2014 predictions

Elections2014 Predictions (from our wordpress blog

We have already made prediction for outcome for Indian elections 2014 late last year which is available on blog and

Since predictions by tarot cards are typically less erroneous closer the predicted event is-we are going over the entire exercise and will add several layers of security on overall All India Party level prediction This will be made available in coming days

One of the layers of security  or creating more robust prediction is to make State specific prediction and see whether overall tally for States matches closely with all india projected prediction

For Karnataka as tweeted yesterday on @sujatkamal BJP Congress Others predicted seat sharing out of 28 seats is 14,13,1 or 14,9,5

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Great Plane Robbery part 2 -by Tarot

Photo from Twitter account of Pani puri @Cric_Babu

In an earlier article and several tweets from World of Predictions @sujatKamal The Great plane Robbery based on Astrology and known facts we have pointed to deliberate sabotage of communication system and "Robbery" ofthe plane MH 370

Visiting many Questions through Tarot cards ''reconfirms" the sabotage manipulation hypothesis and possibility of many being hostage

likely country where Plane may have landed & hidden in forested  Burma Thailand Vietnam-those who associated with political strife In recent years

We should expect Clear information on MH 370 in next eleven days or as early as  next week

More readings may follow

Friday, March 14, 2014

the Great plane Robbery of Flight MHS 370

photo credit: Time. com
Yesterday tweeted based on Horary Astrology that missing Malaysian Air plane 370 could have received great " "damage to Communications equipments Frontal section as prime causeofMHS 370 mystery

today's ToI report of Stanford student's theory goes onsamelines

facts of MHS 370 merit a probe into a new theory. (1) 20+ Electronics Engineers Aboard 2) Confirmed Fraud and suspicious activities (3) Flight paths divergence (4) cutting of all communications to track plane (5) Confusion of ringing phones of passengers

This could be a big coincidence  f MHS 370 is missing due to Natural technical causes

Great plane Robbery as a new chapter In Terrorism needs probe due to above facts. If Terrorists plan to take over plane using well equipped laptops / devices   -devies fitted with system duplicating software had control transferred to passenger Laptops) they unlike firearms based terror Could never be detected. Is that Technically feasible esp if a crew is Involved?
If plane is hijacked electronically this could be failed or successful mission and in future usable as "Input" for 911 type attacks. (even though with a large plane it wont be easy to Caputure hide and re launch)
A Plane hijacked in this manner is unlikely to show up as Ransom or terror demand. 
So did the Great plane Robbery go horribly wrong or horribly Right?

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

State Elections 2013 Predictions

Last night we tweeted @Sujatkamal our final predictions for Four states Rajasthan Madhya Pradesh Delhi Chhattisgarh.

On this blog and parallel blog WorldofPredictions You Can find State Level predictions based on Tarot and Astrology

Final seat predictions

Delhi-BJP 30-31,AAP 21-23

Rajasthan BJP 96

Madhya Pradesh BJP 130

Chhattisgarh BJP 47-48

Friday, November 22, 2013

will MP CM & BJP win for 3rd time in Madhya Pradesh

All Opinion Polls predicting huge and improved win and seat tally for BJP in Madhya Pradesh after 25 November polling results declared on December 8th

while due to hand injury detailed seat predictions cannot be done at this time our Tarot based predictions show that BJP will get fewer seats than 2008 and 30% probability of both Congress and BJP neck to neck

 1 Our Tarot Predictions show that with 70% likelihood BJP will get about 130 seats while Congress will get about 85-90

2. Second less likely outcome is about 110 seats for BJP but still in - No 1 position

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

when & where will BangaloreATM attacker be caught by Tarot?

In 2006 after ADOBE India son was kidnapped from NOIDA on way to school I tried using Tarot to predict where kidnappers might be hiding. Cards Interpreted by me Indicated religious place or temple. I believe they Were picked up from Mathura (a religious city of Hindus associated with Lord Krishna)

Yesterday a woman was attacked brutally Inside Bangalore ATM

We have used Tarot cards to predict where attacker might be

1 Tarot and Astrology seem to indicate he may still be in Bangalore ard will be Caught by Sunday or earlier

2. There might be a conspiracy angle not just theft

3. He may be In Western (most likely) area of Bangalore or Northern part

4. Nearest Landmark may be Bugle Rock or Cemetry In disuse of British times.  or a Red light area

Friday, November 08, 2013

Astrology Prediction:Will ISRO Mars Mission be Successful?

Considering scientists from South are often religious and astrology faithfuls horoscope of launch of Mission Mars almost makes me believe scientists chose the best time astrologically
It reminds me of people trying to choose birth time of Children to produce great men or women. (this is not possible)

Launch Time and associated horoscope of Mission Mars would seem to suggest a good horoscope In many ways for Successful Mission.

However all things cannot be controlled. A closer look at Trimsamsa suggests strong possibility of unsuccessful mission

Very likely the Craft would run Into Communication snag and or face other Mishaps

In part 2 we will consider Tarot based prediction

Thursday, November 07, 2013

prediction: chhattisgarh state Election Prediction

We have carried out Election 2013 predictions for chhattisgarh using Tarot supported by Astrology. Keeping our own preference out of view.

Birth time of Dr Raman Singh (12 noon) unlikely to be correct but Moon on voting days favours BJP on Nov 11 but is less clear for Nov 19

Most opinion polls showing Over 50 seats in some case 6o seats to BJP

We asked many questions using Tarot Card
We also tested seat predictions for BJP Congress In range of 25-70 seats In interval of 5 Seats
BJP had only 2 positive Cards for range of 45-50 and 66-70

Whereas Congress had positive cards for less than 25 seats,40-45 seats 61- 65 seats

Further Questions revealed BJP having good but less than satisfactory performance. while Congress not doing not well relative to expectations

Based on still more questions we predict BJP to be about 48 while Congress could manage 40

Sunday, November 03, 2013

will Obamacare Survive? Astrology based prediction

This article would have been more apt and Verifiable if written prior to launch date of Obama care which is October 1 2013  Its horoscope on basa of this date and time of 9am-9.30am shows

1. Obama care would struggle to be popular with the public Presence of many malefics shows the struggles and problems. Either Obamacare not properly marketed Communicated or understood In entirety by intended beneficiaries

(added' few hours later.- Ascendent being Libra and presence of many planets esp Mercury Rahu (used in Vedic Astrology) shows Intent to benefit disadvantaged poor but possibly as an outsider with no knowledge Of Obamacare details it seems Health programme is Complicated to understand or process
2. start of Ketu Sun dasha or planetary period In November means Increasing pressure from GOP or Public criticism to alter Obama care lasting till Mid hext year

3. Presence of many Malefics in Ascendent or 1st house shows success after a great struggle  However success will be less than original expectation .4. with new government in 2016 many serious changes or a new programme to replace Obama care is possible

4. The present real test is Increasing resistance likely over next 6 months Follow WorldofPredictions @SujatKamal or WorldofPredictions Facebook page

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Prediction: Buy or sell Facebook stock before Q2 Results?

.Disclaimer: We have made limited number of Predictions on stock Specific price movement. Our success rate on Index movement Is much better than stock specific prediction.However AAPL predictions based on Tarot for many quarter 1. Tarot cards Indicate FB results could be a mixed bag and may first fall after results in after hours trading
2 Though we have predicted a long term buy on FB 1mmediately after its IP0 (a U shaped fall and recovery) today's results likely to confuse the market in after hours trade 3. However cards indicate FB shares purchased at closing prices likely to be profitable next trading day most of the day4. However if FB shares rally before market close it should not be bought. Shorting in such a situation preferable
Reason for shorting on any end of Day Rally  is that Rally in FB prices if any will more than build in any or all positives of Earnings S. However if FB shares keep falling at close Buy for gains tomorrow

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rajasthan Elections 2013: prediction : Hairline Finish on Cards ?

Rajasthan state Elections Prediction 2013   Now You can read news satire on or   @FakingNews24x7   world of Predictions  has Carried out tarot analysis further supported by astrological analysis to predict outcome of Rajasthan elections 2013.   Contrary to most or all opinion polls such as C Voter Polls Tarot cards  do not seem to indicate extraordinary performance of BJP Vis -a-Vis Congress. Effort was made to predict likelihood of seats for 2 main parties by Improving previous model of prediction  

We found  

1. BJP likely to get 92-96 seats while Congress about l0- 14 seats behind  

2. In another scenario Congress would get 50 seats or less but we did not find any indication of substantial  gains by BJP

  3. Cards indicate power tussel to form govt and Ashok Gehlot Coopers govt could be outmanoeuvred by others like  SP BSP  

Hence we turned to astrological charts of BJP CM candidate and of Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot supplemented by planetary transits on 8th Dec and Voting day   Again planetary positions & Various dashas on balance favour BJP CM Candidate. She could get first Invitation to form govt. but that may not be stable.   Govt in Rajasthan may not be stable and both parties may get their turns

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Prediction : will ASI 1000 tonne Gold hunt in Unnao turn to dust?

Due apologies for adding my own green text on a Great Cartoon

prediction by Tarot and Astrology; 1000 Gold hunt carried on by ASI In UP Unnao village of Daundiya Kheda. on basis of a dream by Swami sobhan Sarkar  in which 19th Century Raja Ram Rao Bux Singh told him about 1000 tonne of buried gold.

what will be the outcome9

India's horoscope. Transit of planets and ongoing dashas and also Tarot Card used for making prediction that by deadline of one month some significant & valuable discovery is possible but it will be much much below expected 1000 tonne Gold

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Who will be India's Prime Minister after 2014 - prediction

Cartoon by Satish at

We have used a new approach that answers or predicts 2 key questions all politically interested players are asking or answering using variety of approaches biases hunches.   Instead of trying to predict seats by Party or major alliance such as UPA or NDA or its major constituents we aimed to predict Who will be India's prime Minister after 2014 elections. we used over dozen questions to get some idea   This also helped us to answer approximate Party position by seats to leader of the pack   -In interpreting answers key point is to see where all the questions are pointing rather than focus on Just one or two questions

In terms of age Prime Minister likely to be .61-70 or 41-50 age group considering 31-90 years range   PM likely to be Male   PM likely to be from West Central w south India   PM likely to be holding position in Govt at State or Central level as a Minister .Here the card is very InterestingIy indicating .He is holding a Leading post as PM CM or a very Important post In progressive state or Finance Dept   We checked 3-7 Leaders in Congress BJP top Leaders (only Heads) of regional parties except CPM SAD

We also checked Prez Pranab as compromise candidate   In congress very interestingly no positive card showed for anyone positive Cards showed up for Prez Mulayum Singh and Jayalalitha .Shri Nitish Kumar was thumbs down but most key leaders of BJP esp CMs cards were positive Including Ms Swaraj but negative for Shri Advani   the Acid Test! NDA Shows continuous positive Cards from 180 onwards but indication is it will be just short of 220 Second level Indicated of 250+ is unlikely Another Acid test: story of life question posed Showed Tough PM with difficult & humble circumstances. which though not unique matches persona profile of Narendra Modi Hence We conclude Narendra Modi as next PM amidst some tug of War with NDA most likely about 217. This does not contradict Time Now C voter survey predicting 189 since Modi's rallies have just begun and NDA has not opened its bag of policy agenda .   .

An alternative Prediction based approach to predicting Elections 2014 outcome

Amidst various survey based forecasts about Seat projections for each party or alliance we will be using an entirely new approach but later combine with Traditional approach to making a more accurate qualitative if not quantitative forecast

This alternative approach will try to predict various physical professional and other parameters (eg-age experience ) of next PM following 2014 elections. Add some prediction about stability of next Govt and we are - likely to end up with very reliable but broad picture of Alliance wise position after 2014 election

This prediction will appear soon

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Clarification: Tarot Prediction of Delhi Elections 2013

Please see our previous post.

In yesterday's post We Indicated seat wins as per our our prediction model as follows: BJP 3O AAP 25-28 Congress Rest

How did we make this prediction since we tested seat wins by party In range of 10.

Ans: we made detailed predictions which shows disappointment for BJP in terms of getting a majority and also likelihood shortfall will be about 6 seats. This was the basis for working out specific seat projection

However we may attempt a fine tuned prediction by testing seat wins for each party in a smaller range.

Our next prediction will be for Rajasthan (since MP & chattisgarh Showing BJP wins for BJP on all Surveys

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tarot prediction of Delhi Elections 2013

Delhi Elections 2013 Predictions by Tarot -Part 1   we have done detailed prediction for Delhi Assembly Elections 2013 using a Tarot Card Model B incorporating  and improving the potential prediction accuracy by learning from past errors  

Our key findings are

 1. Substantially Improved performance by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) relative to TV Channel Survey Predictions

2. Disappointment for BJP but still likely to form government

 3. Bad performance by Congress relative to Channel Surveys and possibly worse

4. We tested seats in Range of ten and BJP -30 AAP 25 -28 Congress 12-14 was one outcome Another outcome Close to TV Survey Predictions is being rejected as AAP is Showing good performance while Congress is clear disappointment

  5. other answers suggest experienced politician possibly V Goel being CM while AAP being deputy CM even though latter have denied tie-up

 6.. In second part we will look at astrology charts for more answers on Issue of CM & deputy CM before continuing with predictions for Chatthisgarh Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan in that order

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Price of Market Predictions revised

With effect from 1st September  2013 Price of any one Prediction Service purchased is as follows

Price of Prediction Services per person per prediction
Number of “Friends including self ”purchasing Identical service*
Price in US $  per person per prediction for NRIs,all outside Ind through paypal or online*
Rs 1500
Rs  200
Rs 100
Rs  50
20 or above
  • Friends means you as a group must all Like WorldofPredictions facebook page to avail this offer
  • Prices and offer valid till End September
  • Predictions to be send by SMS with a copy at same number
  • Predictions include Day prediction Weekly trend Prediction Monthly trend prediction for stock market index, currency but not stock specific predictions
  • Combine predictions to produce a package
Fee and conditions for Nano risk predictions with fee back offer will be posted later

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Astrological and Tarot Prediction of Rupee against US Dollar Pound Euro till 2013 end #FB

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Predicting Value of Rupee over Next Four Months

Predicting Value of Rupee over Next Four Months
 Cards indicate Rupee will rebound.....

However that incomplete sentence may be misleading.

Rupee likely to fall Steeply over a short period and then rebound but that movement will not be consistently up.

Infact rebound today after steep fall over most of August is likely to the kind of chart displayed by Rupee/$ over next four months (we have not looked beyond 2013).

So the message is of great volatlity and steep fall.Though steepest fall could be in September,value of Rupee against US $ Euro and British  Pound likely to reach lowest in October-November which may be months of great swings in Rupee value.

Using Astrology we find from India;s 1947 birth chart it is dasha of Sun- Saturn.Interestingly Saturn sub dasha started in June when things got worse for economy.saturn in 6 th house with Rahu does not forebode well.other astrological charts of other VIP point to sudden developments

Also from viepoint of international economics,FED tapering (rising interest in US will accelerate rupee fall) which can start anytime,developments in syria and oil prices etc only lend credence to this astro-tarot analysis

Our predictions show Rupee sliding to low of 90-100 range which at this is unbelievable  but nobody predicted 68.80 two months or weeks back

Buy our relaible day or weekly or monthly predictions for sensex,dow jones

But or Sell:How #Rupee fare against US Dollar Euro Pound till end 2013

We will be using and synthesizing Tarot  and Astrology techniques to predict

1.movement of Rupee till 2013 end

2.When is it likely to hit lowest for 2013 ,when it will recover against US $

3.Should you buy or sell foreign currency futures

4.We will also indicate likely levels to be hit on downside (however predicting exact number or range has been tested on few occassions)

Like World of Predictions Facebook page at for this prediction to be emailed.Send sms with your email

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fate of Food Security Bill by Tarot and Astrology #fb

 Food security Bill be passed.  by Parliament in this monsoon. session?. We
we tried to answer this by Tarot and Prashna system of astrology. 

A very weak chart. shows that. Govt will have difficult time in passing this bill. ^At best a very amended Version of Bill. will be passed. because. either Govt will fall. or will call elections soon

Tarot. cards indicate. Bill can only be passed if govt. agrees. to heavy. amendments. because there may not be another session.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cause of INS Sindhurakshak. explosion by Tarot. and astrology #fb

this article is expanded after being posted  few hours ago
Caution ^ :This brief Tarot card based analysis of Tragic demise of staff and submarine on 13-14 August is without any Technical Knowledge

was it coincidence that INS Sindhurakshak exploded close to our and Pakistan Independence Day. only full enquiry can confirm

Our Tarot. Card analysis suggets Things should not stop at Overcharged batteries. Cards seem to suggest. explosive chemical reaction. either caused by wrong chemicals or Inadequate coolant. There seems to repeated indication even after using astrology that fuel concoction in battery or fuel tank (if there Is any) could be the real cause

staff (disgruntled. recently separated  denied leave) And their personal life on leave just before the incident must be probed

A financial angle ard foreign angle cannot be ruled out. as both Tarot and Astrology point In that direction

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Facebook to hit over $500 mark in less than 5 years #fb

In a post on this blog just before Facebook IP0 it was predicted on basis of Tarot and astrology that FB golden period starts from 2015.

We predict that Facebook shares will be worth between $500 - $1OO0 In about 5 years time

Indian stock Market Trend Prediction for August #fb

Please see Us Stock Market prediction in previous post. Both predictions were done before Us data of August 1
. Indian stock market shows no sustained Sell off this month.

Corrections of most significant nature likely mid month and end month

Market could start rising soon indicating positive developments possibly indicating Reforms are on anvil

Most day to day corrections will come off day's low points

Friday, August 02, 2013

Prediction. US #Stockmarket Trend In August #fb

Indicated period of correction can be made more precise by weekly prediction

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Predicting sensex Nifty chart of last 3 hours of Trading today #fb

predicting #Sensex #Nifty#stockMarket in last 3 hours 12.30-3.30pm. ( untested risks) Rollercoaster fall (sell) but buy In last 90 mts at -250 -3oo Sensex


Monday, July 29, 2013

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Astrology to make short Work of Hemant Soren Govt In Jharkhand? #fb

 Intrigue Sudden developments (state elections result?) unlikely to allow. Soren govt beyond 2013 based on his swearing in chart (a technique often used by Shri KN RAO).

Condition. of nearly all key houses 1, ,' 3  11 and various lords. dasha. of Venus Venus. to bring down curtains. quickly

Friday, July 19, 2013

Nano Risk. Trading. Predictions

We will be launching. Nano Risk Trading predictions where. Risk. of Trading are. virtually zero

watch out. for. free. demos for US and India. stock. markets