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Astrology tarot prediction for BJP in Gujarat 2017

This is the tarot sequel to astrology based predictions of Gujarat Himachal election results.Because cards drawn for Himachal outcome gives conflicting outcome, and opinion polls and incumbency factor suggest BJP this segment is bypassed

however Gujarat shock-defeat or Goa Like "victory" is predicted for BJP in spite of being a BJP stronghold "confirmed" by all opinion polls.

Reason for our contrarian stand is not only the astrology indications suggesting mixed fortune for BJP  December 18 results but also confirmed by mysterious tarot card that came up twice for BJP

The five of Pentacles
This is the tarot sequel to astrology based predictions of Gujarat Himachal election results.Because cards drawn for Himachal outcome gives conflicting outcome, and opinion polls and incumbency factor suggest BJP this segment is bypassed

however Gujarat shock-defeat or Goa Like "victory" is predicted for BJP in spite of being a BJP stronghold "confirmed" by all opinion polls.

Reason for our contrarian stand is not only the astrology indications suggesting mixed fortune for BJP  December 18 results but also confirmed by mysterious tarot card that came up twice for BJP

The five of Pentacles

Other card suit point to similar result

we will next post cover the Magic unfolded by Tarot cards by looking at few major mysteries and events and cards that repeatedly came up regarding question for these events

we will next post cover the Magic unfolded by Tarot cards by looking at few major mysteries and events and cards that repeatedly came up regarding question for these events

Friday, November 03, 2017

Predicting Gujarat Himachal elections2017 by astrology

It's safest to predict BJP victory in Gujarat and Himachal elections 2017
But this blog and post is about astrology and tarot based predictions and I have to stick to what stars portend

Details may follow later but here is the juice including quick summary of method

1. We use astrology charts of Vijay rupani Gujarat CM which does not birth time and BJP birth chart transits of planets on result day December 18 and horary astrology to indicate nature of results

2. There's overwhelming evidence of mixed result for BJP which by our methods rules out sweeps or even clear majority in both states Gujarat Himachal-possible at best in only one state

3 position of Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani weakens which can mean lots of things- losing cm post or chief minister of a coalition or leader of opposition

4 our hunch based on  astrological factors is Gujarat will give at best- note the word best- 90 seats

Tarot based predictions. With details may follow later

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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Photo Finish for Bihar 2015 elections?-Tarot Astrology based prediction

We have already tweeted several aspects of predictions about  Bihar based on Tarot and Astrology. These predictions go against most of  surveys(many of which have kept changing over time leading up to predictions ,satta bazaar estimates 
One reason of not managing to get right seat predictions in some states like Rajasthan, Bihar,West Bengal Tamil nadu ,MP has been our presumption that no party will get beyond a certain number.In all these cases winners actually notched up beyond the assumed maximum limit.

Hence we did not make this mistake again and tested possible seats going up to 200/243 for each major alliance MGB and NDA. But we still think extreme numbers are unlikely in Bihar elections 2015.

Reason is Astrology.Though we have used Tarot based probabilistic model to test possible seats for  NDA and MGB and again for BJP and JDU individually Astrological considerations rule out extreme or thumping win for NDA or MGB.Why?

Because Shir Nitish Kumar and BJP have same ascendant of Gemini.This means that  relative planetary transits for both will be identical. Only difference is running Mahadashas or sub dashas or planetary periods. Mahadasha of both is mixed suggesting overwhelming performance by either i s unlikely. Historicaly testing this astro theory we find JDU and BJP had almost same success percentage since 2005 though JDU won more seats due to higher seat share. Extending this historical result means both parties are literally in same boat with difference that will vary according to planetary periods at time of elections/results.In case of 8th November results we think extreme performance by either party is unlikely.

Transits on 8th November does not indicate great joy for either but astro-probabilistically Nitish Kumar chances of remaining in power higher than NDA coming to power
Tarot predictions suggest 50-70 as most likely range of BJP seats with maximum of 81 while JDU seats are not clear or helpful( 46 or 65),NDA likely to get 101,109,114 seats in decreasing probability and Government formation is likely based on horse trading.

Further Tarot exercise suggest very close finish between NDA and MGB with MGB marginally ahead.
Parties outside both alliance not likely to get more than 20 seats with new comer Akshay  Verma may open account  with 2 seats and NDA partner LJP led by Ram Vilas Paswan may  get  15 seats.RJD and Congress seen decimated in terms of seats won

Bihar could see a Government that is constrained in many ways

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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Will AAP prove to be BAAP of BJP? Delhi Elections Predictions by Tarot Astrology

For last three weeks or so we have tweeting the prediction for Delhi Elections based on Tarot and astrology maintaining
* BJP will miss majority but still be part of govt and likely to lead it
*These predictions have been maintained in spite of widely varying opinion polls both over time and over channels

We have now completed full Tarot model and astrology based prediction model for Delhi elections 2015

We have done seat projection- prediction using tarot model using 2 approaches a)  testing for maximum likelihood of winning for 2 key parties BJP and Aam Aadmi party in various seat ranges b) finding party likely to win in various constituencies.38~40 constituencies covered were projected to all 70 seats

Our predictions ---at variance with most opinion polls --are as follows

1 BJP Likely to miss majority by few seats most likely to be hit 31-33 seats
2 AAP seat prediction is slightly les certain but in range  26-33
3 Second prediction approach pointing to photo finish with AAP 1/2 seats behind BJP
4 why are we maintaining BJP  finishing slightly ahead.?
5 Role of astrology- in our blogpost on this blog after AAP formation we predicted stunning rise of AAP  based on its horoscope and predicted return of Arvind Kejriwal. As CM possibly in 2017
However if choice for CM is between Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal chart for Kiran Bedi and BJP around this time is stronger suggesting advantage for CM and possibly Arvind Kejriwal could get his turn later
5 Tarot cards separately drawn also suggest Kiran Bedi more likely to be next CM (but unlikely to complete full term.)especially if decisions  is taken in 2nd half of February.
 We have not considered. A wild card entry for CM post

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Horoscope 2015-Strategy Guide for 12 Sunsigns of Zodiac

What should be the Focus Strategy in 2015  in area of your greatest concern-business,finances,health,education,skill development,career,children,parents,travel etc?For each concern area will be different in 2015 and One Tarot card is drawn for each sign to give guidance unique to you.It is unique because each card will mean different things to different people depending on their key needs and concerns in 2015.In some cases card may suggest what Goal you should have for 2015?Be on lookout for that and compare with your internally or externally suggested/advised goals.

Inverted card means you should invert /negate/weaken  the meaning of upright cards

Meaning may be added later.


 Taurus                        2 of Wand  inverted

Gemini                            Inverted Hangman


Leo                               Devil Inverted


                               2 of swords inverted






Sunday, January 04, 2015

Stock Markets Crude Oil Forex Gold Silver Predictions for 2015

2015 Predictions
World Stock Markets
Indian Stock markets
Steep correction
Steep Concentrated Correction
Brent Crude US$
Fall further but also steepest % rise
Steadily rising
Highest rise for 2015
Gold US$
Sharp fall but volatile
Silver US$
Indian Rupee
Recovers after more fall
Recovers after fall
Sharp fall(Depreciation) and recovery
Sharp fall and recovery
Weakness and rise
Very volatile/swings
British Pound
Big Rise
Rising after fall
?? fall likely
Rising after bailout
Chinese Yuan
Rise after Fall
Rise after fall
Canadian Dollar
Swiss CHF
Steep fall

Some Predictions seems more reliable than others.Euro vis a vis key currencies  for example shows strengthening tendency during this year where as US Dollar may be more volatile with downward bias.Rupee depreciation especially against  US $ seems near certain. Crude oil may peak in second half but its steepest rise could come in  January or April( which may contain years lowest price) Earlier in our tweets we have indicated Saturn transit in  Scorpio could keep prices below long term trend

Gold and  Silver prices are generally strongly correlated but this year this strong correlation may be weak. Silver could be out performer offsetting its under-peformance in recent past against Gold. Since these prices are strongly correlated divergent predictions for Gold and Silver should be treated as high risk

Stock markets for world and India for most of this 4 month period show correction showing global factors at work and seem reliable for most of this time periods

Disclaimer: These predictions based on Tarot cards.1 Card drawn for each commodity for each of 4 month period.All risk to be borne by users/readers

2015 Sunsigns Horoscopes for young professionals and students, Romantic life if applicable and Prospects and Challenges for traders in forex, stocks and commodities has to delayed as recent exercise has shown lots of inverted cards. This in conjunction with conditions under which exercise was done indicates Cards drawn may not very useful for guidance. Hence entire exercise will be redone.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Tarot Astrology Answers to QZ 8501 airAsia Crash mystery

A Tarot-Astrology based attempt to piece together QZ 8501 Air Asia air crash puzzle

This article was motivated by not merely by another air crash but more by mystery of mh270 for which our Tarot astrology based analysis showed in many ways that passengers were mostly alive when the plane landed and it did land in captive state and did not crash. This analysis is strengthened by perhaps the singularly unique case in civil aviation history where missing plane and passengers remain untraced without a clue.

This article was also motivated by the possibility that some passengers may have survived. Does astrology /tarot indicate this? Was there a conspiracy angle and not just a weather driven event or pilot or control room error?

We have put together a number of questions and their Tarot based 1 card answer with some astrology based guidance for key questions.

The only astrology based approach besides flight time based horoscope is prashna astrology. Flight time early around 6.30 am on dec 28 am horoscope shows flight destined for accident as double indicator Venus of 6 and 11 lords situated in ascendant Sagittarius with sun mercury aspected by retrograde Jupiter. Prashna based astrology along with this flight time origin based horoscope suggests accident, possibility of conspiracy due to lord of eight and running dasha of Jupiter mars sun venus on dec 28.prashna based astrology along with flight time based chart indicates possibility of some people (how many??) being alive and conscious when plane hit water.Along with tarot based analysis suggests rough landing possibility planed may have turned turtle in air few times landing in zero visibility. Pilot and air Asia owners’ horoscope not available for analysis

Our earlier knight of pentacles card tweeted in response to question “Cause of Error” points to pilot forced to take undue risk.
But we are ready to add there may be another explanation.

To get some measure of reliability and some key answers we posed a number of questions to Tarot to screen/sniff out/ rule out contradictions among various answers. Feel free to interpret each card using your own intuition

1.    Was there some kind of conspiracy behind QZ8501-Card of High Priestess?

This suggests a mystery angle which Time may reveal in due course.

2.    Was Chinese blogger who predicted air crash of air Asia in December a fake or genuine? 9W inverted.

This suggests blogger may have unusual genuine private information and was not a post crash predictions

3.    Were some or all passengers alive and conscious when plane hit water? 8 of swords inverted.
Strangely this card has appeared often in mh370 investigation and here too few times. This suggests plane landed blindly possibly turned turtle

4.    Did plane fall into water from air or made a rough landing? Judgment card.
The plane may have made a rough landing.

5.    What was if any pilot error in entire episode? Temperate inverted

The pilot made an error climbing steeply. Should have turned back. Notice 2 cards judgment and this one with wings trying to tell us something significant

6.    Why didn’t pilot send distress signal? (Very important) 3 cards drawn 8 of cups, King Cups inverted 2 of pentacles.

The pilot though experienced may have undergone unusual emotions of have made a wrong error being in a helpless situation, after a possibly unhelpful control room support delay, have too much on hand.

7.    Did anyone escape or attempt to escape six of swords inverted. This question repeated next day showed sequence of  six- lovers, wands and cups
       Some people have tried to escape using raft etc. This card appeared again for related question upright

8.    ,9 questions asked but will be posted after reconfirmation here –did plane go down due to weather, pilot error, suicidal attack, remote controlled, sabotage, and agenda behind may be answered later though first two questions are significantly answered

10, 11 where is plane, blackbox and when will it be found if at all? Cards to be re-drawn later

Wad there a hierarchy of ‘causes’ at work with one driving another. The financial angle that is being speculated if at all true may not be at the top or bottom of this hierarchy. We have no answers.

These questions may be revisited after a week or ten days though not necessarily posted

So you think you can Sing? Astrology of Singing(Revised)

Our two ebooks

1 Minimum pain -Secret Magic of  Weight-loss, life long Health & Vitality ($4.99)

 2 Breaking the Secret Code of  Stock &Commodity Markets Short term Prediction by Tarot($9.99) with Weight loss book free for advance bookings) is in writing.How to book your copies in advance at Diccounted prices with great goodies will be posted in coming Month ( See suggested ebook covers below)

Is there a simple quick astrology based test to check/predict if a person can sing reasonably well? “How reasonably well” is another matter and sometimes answers may be easy often complex but this article attempts the first part

I promised to write on “Can you sing -An Astrology based test approach. We take a practical and testable approach and it will be useful provided you have some interest in astrology or willing to check out.

This article hopefully will prove  to be a very small step to disprove the the cynics of astrology

In part  B of this post we apply these principles  to briefly discuss possibility of Rewinding and Playback of India’s great musical years of 50s-70s in the coming years

Do this exercise-To test if a person can sing or not.  And his/her fan following will provide the test if astro guidance has been helpful or not.

It’s of little use to discuss any popular singer’s horoscope to “prove” if he/she can sing. Hence we take this approach -Do this test on any person who can reliably be labeled as  a “singer” or ‘non singer”.

We have outlined the following steps or process to help you determine if you or anyone for that matter can sing reasonably well without dispersing a congregation of friends and strangers.

Testing Singing Ability

Use this summarized table after reading the article below for better understanding

Signs for Good Singers
Signs for Non Singers
2nd lord exalted  or placed in 2nd house or aspecting 2nd house.2nd house /2nd lord must be Venus Jupiter Moon related or aspected by one or more of these.
No beneficial planets or aspect of 2nd house lord or Jupiter or Venus on 2nd house
Saturn aspects ascendant lord or house(Disciplined voice)
Ketu in 2nd house
If Venus or Jupiter or Moon own the 2nd house
2nd lord in 12 especially if not  Libra or  Taurus
If these signs are also found in  Navamsa chart(which requires more accurate birth time  data)
These above signs also present in Navamsa
Venus,Jupiter,Moon,possibly Mercury  & 2nd lord /house connect with each other in different ways (Aspects,conjunction)

Mars role as lord of energy needs investigation and may be important for flute sarod jazz players

Download a Indian astrology  software like   Jaganathhora available for windows/Macs but not available android or iOS.For android and ioS Kundli app will be fune.Online horoscope creator on is also very good. You must have persons accurate birth time,place of birth and year/date  of  birth to get started.

Look at  Birth chart and ninth harmonic chart(called navamsa or ninth division) These will be sufficient in most cases. Navamsa chart to be reliable requires greater accuracy in birth time.If in doubt look at main birth chart only.

1.    Jupiter is the main planet of singing as also significator of many other things.Its placement in main chart is very important

2.    Try to locate ascendant or lagna in charts. That is the first house. and moving clockwise  are 12 houses in increasing numerical order covering  twelve zodiac signs.for example in India’s horoscope posted below Taurus is first house with Rahu located there in. Gemini is 2nd house . and so on

3.    Second most important planet is lord of 2nd house- this house is lord of speech arts  and lot more but we are focusing on singing.In India’s case Mercury is lord of 2nd  placed in 3rd house

4.    Jupiter has aspects  on 1st house(where it is placed and 5th and 9 houses. Besides the opposite/aspect which  is true of all planets) That means it affects houses 1,5,9 and any planets located there in. besides the house /planets opposite it. Taking Indian horoscope example Jupiter placed in 6th house of  Libra aspectsAquarius(5) house and Gemini(9th house) apart from usual 1 and 7th houses(Libra,Aries) that is common for all planets

5.    Do the same exerise for navamsa chart .If complicated confine the test to main birth chart

6.    For a person to have reasonably singing ability Jupiter is either located in 2nd house from ascendant or aspects the 2nd house in charts.If this aspect of location is found in both charts, its power is increased and singing potential must be higher.

7.    If Jupiter additionally aspects or connects with lord of 2nd house (e.g. Mars is owner of Aries and Scorpio signs, Venus owns Taurus and  Libra and so on) this is another sign of singing potential.In india’s horoscope Jupiter aspects 2nd house explaining why India’s has had world famous singers(This is also largely due to 2nd  lords with Moon Saurn  in Cancer)

8.    Some zodiac signs as 2nd house and some planets are lord of 2nd house may be adding power. Venus Moon Jupiter Mercury as lord of 2nd house will enrich voice or singing capability as will  Libra. If they are located in 2nd house that would enhance singing potential.

9.    Howver interplay among houses not part of this post can explain varied qualities of voice and even why some singers confine or are famous for particular category of singing. M Jackson for pop music,Pakistani singers famous for ghazals,some for deveptional music etc

10.                       Saturn aspecting 1st house and/or first lord(e.g Taurus,Venus  in given chart) may be very important in raising quality and perfection of singers’ technical competence as Saturn rules Discipline. Its aspects on 2nd house/lord however and  role of 12th lord(house of renunciation) needs study

11.                       Planets can be exalted or debilitated.All planets have houses of exaltations.In chart if 2nd lord is exalted or placed in own house,expect as a rule of thumb a  person of higher singing potential.

12.                       Sometimes planets are retrograde- as if moving in opposite direction-often marked in charts as (R) or Retro or Retrograde.As a rule of thumb that planet shud be then treated as being in both houses with weak effects.Thus if  Jupiter was retrograde in Libra house it should be treated as being in both Libra and Virgo the preceding house and analysis should proceed as outlined above

13.                        What are spoilers? In Vedic astrology two shadowy planets are used Rahu and Kato and they will be in all horoscopes-always placed opposite each other. Two conclusions must be tested. Presence of  Ketu in 2nd house must be definite spoiler in some way hindering some aspect of singing potential.
If other “singing signs” are encouraging then presence of Rahu in 2nd house  or  conjunct with lord of 2nd house could impart a strange unconventional quality to voice.(we need to test horoscope of Usha Uthup,RD Burman etc) .

We have not been able to astrologically differentiate between Good Voice horoscope and  Good Singers horoscope and Good Voice+Good Singer horoscope conditions but above test should lead to netting a potentially good singer

 it is difficult to add this up to provide an index of singing potential but is good enough to get  started with practical tests

  We have not covered why some singers and songs become famous while other singers last briefly.     Among the many causes would be  singer/person may not favorable astro-periods but that is beyond our scope.

Exercise  Find  a great popular singer with malefics like  Ketu/Rahu in 2nd house.2nd house is not Cancer or  Libra or or Taurus  or owned by Jupiter. No Jupiter or  Moon or Venus in  2nd house. This may be impossible.Good Luck

Part B:

This section may be useful for those with some understanding of astrology and knowledge of Indian music

India’s chart explains why Indian music appeals to soul and is poplular the world over even where language is not understood. Notice 2nd lord mercury and Venus of ascendant with Sun Saturn in 3rd sensitive house of Cancer.Jupiter located in sign of Venus(Libra) aspects 2nd house.Saturn connects with 2nd lord. all making  of a Nation of varied musical industry

India birth chart of 1947 is well known. It suddenly dawned on me that India’s glorious years of unforgettable songs by thousands from 47 to late 70s and early 80s suddenly gave way to songs that cannot be explained except by astrological analysis. India saw Saturn period end in mid 60s and Mercury  period last 16 years till 1981.Ketu period lasted 7years till 1988 followed by Venus period of 20 years till 2008 and  Sun period end 2015.

In Indian Horoscope Mercury lord of 2nd house  with Venus Sun Saturn is located in 3rd sensitive/emotional  house of cancer.

Huge output of immortal mostly melancholy songs till 60s can be explained by ongoing period of Saturn conjunct with moon in sensitive sign of Cancer. Is that a coincidence? Era of mid 60s saw a big churn of  immortal songs. From mid 60s to early 80s was Mercury era lord of 2nd house.This era produced great popular songs but were distinct in their content & message and even speed B.oth Mercury and Saturn seems to show their personality- in the  songs. Songs of 80s which was era of Ketu in India’s 7th house are best forgotten even though most geniuses of old era were alive and active. 80s also saw demise of two greatest male singers in quick succession

Venus and  Sun period have seen revival in quality/content and popularity of songs compared to 80s but way below that era of  50s 60s 70s.

Start of  Moon period from 2015 ending  2025 we predict is likely to see marked upswing in quality and popularity of songs. Perhaps approaching the same issue from dominant population type (old vs. mature vs. very young population) could also provide answers